Friends of ECHO GLEN

Helping teens in the Washington State juvenile justice system

Friends of Echo Glen is a 100% volunteer community that exists with the sole purpose of helping the youth at Echo Glen Juvenile Detention Center to rewrite the scripts of their lives. These teens have immense untapped potential.  We help them gain self-esteem by providing essential building blocks for healthy development thus breaking the cycle of neglect and abuse.

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of young people in the juvenile justice system have at one time been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect

Here are opportunities to show these appreciative youths that you care:

RECREATIONAL (Must be 21 & pass a background check)

ARTS (Must be 21 & pass a background check)

DEVELOPMENT (Must be 21 & pass a background check)

Great for all ages (No interaction with the youth)

Don’t see anything that interests you?

Whatever your expertise, passion or hobby is, there is a group of youth who would love for you to share it with them!   Email and we’ll help you get connected.

Want to learn more about who the kids are at Echo Glen?
Check out these videos:

Video Screenshot

Two young men at the Echo Glen Children’s Center rap about their experiences before incarceration and reflect on their lives now.

Video Screenshot

Echo Glen celebrates 50 years of helping convicted kids turn their lives around.