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Great for families, small groups or individuals of all ages

Here are ways you can support the kids without interacting with them – no age minimum:

  • DELIVER GIFTS AND CARDS  – Distribute locally the gifts and cards that the youth make for others-in-need every January, April, July, October and December.
  • DESSERT AND ENCOURAGEMENT – Write a note of encouragement and wrap up a couple store-bought cookies, brownies or other finger dessert.  We share these with all the youth after each Community Service Social
  • DONATE ARTS & CRAFTS SUPPLIES – Between our art projects during and after school, sewing classes and our Community Service Socials, we can put just about anything you have to good use.
  • COLLECT PUZZLES – for the puzzle club.  Youth work together to complete puzzles then their ‘teamwork masterpieces’ are glued down and displayed all over campus.  Email for delivery or pick-up if your group or family would like to do a collection.
  • BIRTHDAY CAKE & CARDS – Provide a cake and card once a month or once a year for a child who would not otherwise receive one.
  • FUND RAISE – have your group raise funds to support the events and programs
  • WISH LISTS – Purchase items that help staff in supporting the youth:
    • SCHOOL supplies for the youth
    • BOOKS for book clubs or the school library
  • ANGEL CLOSET – Items for youth that arrive without needed clothing.  Especially, boy’s tennis shoes in sizes 8 and larger,  tennis shoes in all sizes for girls, and jackets or coats for boys and girls.

For more information, to donate or volunteer,  please email