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Annual Golf Clinics

COME ENCOURAGE A YOUTH – Each session has a lead instructor – you are needed to give attention and encouragement to individual youth.  Most Echo Glen residents have never held a club so even if you are a beginner, you will know more than they do. All needed equipment has previously been donated.

Watch YouTube clip of a previous year’s event

18th Annual Golf Clinic 2018

Monday August 6
Two 1 hr sessions | 6:30-8:30

Tuesday August 7
Two 1 hr sessions | 6:30-8:30

Wednesday August 8
Two 1 hr sessions | 6:30-8:30

Thursday August 9
4:00-5:00 | 1 clinic
6:30-8:30 | Two 1 hr sessions

Echo Glen staff tries to expose their kids to many different and varied hobbies so that they may find something positive and constructive to invest their time in when they are “on the outs”.More than just helping them to learn the basics of golf (although that will help many when they are out) we are telling them that WE CARE just by investing our time with them. The kids are always amazed when they see so many volunteers coming to spend time with them.  Most haven’t experienced the concept of giving without getting.  It makes them feel like they matter and that there is hope for their futures. They feel valued. And ‘valuable’ is something they have not experienced often enough.

One staff member commented, “It is amazing to watch how just a few positive words of encouragement can affect these troubled youth.  Several boys who attended last year are especially excited for this year’s clinic; last year they were told they were actually good at something and had potential.”  These are words that the Echo Glen children have not often heard.  These kids know you spend time with them because you think they have value – that is something they have not been told often enough.