Birthday Cake & Cards

Bring a store bought cake and card once a month or once a year.  The residents come from all over the state of Washington.  Most either have family too far away to visit often or their parents may have too many issues of their own to be able to give attention and time to their incarcerated children.  Cards are also a huge boost to the youth’s self-esteem.  Make it a group or family activity and give the birthday child multiple hand made cards!

You will get an email the 3rd week of each month with the first name and age of all the youth with birthdays the following month.  Click on the link provided in the email and add your name next to the name of the child which you would like to provide a cake for. Or, ignore the email if none of the dates are convenient for you.

    About the cake

    Needs to be large enough so that the birthday child can celebrate with their whole ‘cottage’ (living quarters); this could be up to 18 kids and 2 staff.

    Must be commercially made. You can fax cake orders to Costco or another store for pick up (Costco’s 1/2 sheet cakes are perfect size).

    Please be sure to remove any of your personal information before delivering to Echo Glen.  Cakes often go directly to the youth.

    Please only cakes with NO peanut products.  Many youth are allergic.

    Be sure the name of the birthday youth is easy to read/well marked

    Deliver the cake  to Echo Glen by 5PM the day of the birthday or you can take it one day prior.

    A bit more:

    A birthday card telling them you are thinking and care about them. I’ve seen EG kids fighting tears when volunteers invite the neighbor kids over and deliver 10+ birthday cards to them!

    Plates or napkins are O.K. but not expected or required

    No gifts please – children are the same everywhere – if one gets a gift & the other does not, they feel shorted & less loved.

    No candles are allowed.

    Since most of us do not have a relationship with the birthday child, we simply drop the cakes off at the front desk.  A great way to meet some of these awesome kids would be to join us in the classrooms to help with the art docent program or Community Service Socials throughout the year.