Horticulture Vocational Training & Therapy

Thank you to ALL the wonderful donors who made this program possible!  Now every youth on campus is able to experience the many emotional, physical, mental & vocational benefits of gardening.

Current Needs:

  • Tools & potting soil for each of the 8 cottage gardens.  Click here for the wish list.
  • Small groups to help youth & staff put the garden bed kits together.  Must be 21+ years old

The Benefits of Gardening Are Numerous

Successfully taking a tiny seed & helping it to grow & flourish

  • Boosts Self Confidence
  • Instills a spirit of hope, endurance & patience – virtues needed for both gardening & life
  • Encourages relationship building, trust, responsibility, & problem solving skills
  • Reduces recidivism rates among participants
  • Lowers rates of depression & improves mental health
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Provides outdoor physical activity – exercise to improve endurance, strength, mobility & flexibility
  • Increased emotional intelligence

   Studies show prison gardens:

  • Save money for criminal justice centers since they provide a healthy source of inexpensive fresh food for better nutrition
  • Community gardens foster feelings of community & connection

Vocational Landscape Training

This horticulture program will also give hands-on-skills to residents

who can in turn find related jobs upon release.

Here’s a great article with more benefits of prison gardens.