Encourage Youth on Their Birthdays & the Holidays


Many youths have never had a celebration for their birthday. Your gift bag or cake & cards will demonstrate to them that someone in the community values & believes in them.  Your kindness will make their day special and boost the self esteem.

BIRTHDAY BAGS – include a journal (cannot be spiral-wire bound), one pair of socks, and one activity such as an origami book, sketch book, colored pencils, washable markers or drawing pencils.

And ONE additional gift:

      1. UNO or other card game
      2. or Nerf Over the door basketball hoop (the ones that are about $7 at Walmart)
      3. or cosmetic bag with lip gloss or face powder or eye shadow

Each gift bag is valued at about about $15-20 and are general in nature to keep items fair and to not create anxiety of favoritism between youth.

BIRTHDAY CAKE & CARDS – Provide a cake and card once a month or once a year for a child who would not otherwise receive one.  Details HERE


The holidays are especially hard for all that are incarcerated to be away from family, friends and what is familiar.  Your gift bag will encourage & brighten this lonely time for a youth.  More HERE