Staff Wellness Team

Working with the youth at Echo Glen can be extremely rewarding but is also very demanding, challenging & stressful.  Emotionally & physically healthy staff are much more effective in supporting the youth.  A wellness coach or team can help with everything that boosts the spiritual, emotional, mental, & physical health of the staff which in turn will be a huge boost to the youth’s overall health.

This could include:

  • Bringing in speakers
    • To address the issues of secondary traumatic stress, compassion fatigue, & burnout
    • Financial literacy
    • Strengthening marriage
    • Parenting skills
  • Helping orchestrate staff appreciation events
  • Initiating energy boosting & healthy physical activities such as a campus 5k or a walking/running group
  • Inviting staff to existing events in the community
  • Arranging gym membership discounts
  • Launching campus health/wellness initiatives

A team of volunteers that each had an area of expertise would be ideal.

Here are some articles that talk about what this team would do on campus.  The qualifications that are listed in the articles are not necessary but would be a plus.

What is a Wellness Coordinator?

Seven Benchmarks of a Wellness Program

EMAIL if you’re interested or would like more info.