Many of the youth express themselves best through art.

  • After school 3pm or later:  Share your favorite mediums and projects with a cottage (living quarters for 10 to 15 youth).  Come once a month or once a week. All supplies provided.
  • Once a month: Sept-June, during school hours, two  volunteers go into the same class of up to 15 students and share a brief lesson and art project; day of month decided by EG teacher and you.  Choose from previous volunteer’s lesson and projects or use your favorites.  Be a lead docent or assist. This is similar to the art docent program that is in most elementary schools.

    Benefits of Art

    These kids need positive ways to express themselves. Studies have shown that at-risk kids who participate in art programs develop higher self-esteem, more self-discipline, better social skills and over-all improved behavior.  Art improves attitudes toward school and resistance to peer pressure.  It increases the development of communication, cooperation, problem solving and creative thinking.

    Creative projects can open up these kid’s minds and allow them to discover new talents.  They can actually be motivated by their artwork.

    Sharing art is extremely rewarding.  The kids absolutely love having their docents come in and look forward to our monthly projects.  It is therapeutic for at-risk kids to be able to express themselves through art.  For some, this is the one thing they can really succeed at.

    These youth come to understand that we invest our time because we care.  Their lives are changed forever when they discover someone cares.