Computer Skills

An Investment in the Success of the Youth’s Futures

Awed, overwhelmed and infinitely grateful to Joe who is has purchased, set-up, and is running a lab for the youth.  Thank you Joe! Your generosity will transform the current resident’s lives and the lives of many future generations to come!


  1. Allow on-line college courses – Young woman can now stay at Echo Glen until 25 years old.  Computers allow them, and all other eligible youth a head start towards a college degree.  Continuing ed will set these youth up for greater success when they are released and has been shown to significantly reduce recidivism.
  2. To allow residents to complete resumes, on-line job applications, look for housing, and other services needed for their success ‘on the outs’.
  3. Allow volunteers to start up Vocational Training classes such as: computer programming, coding, computer repair, graphic design, and Photoshop workshops.

Still needed: More volunteers to teach the youth valuable computer skills that will help them launch into successful future careers.