Culinary Cottage – Building Confidence Through Cooking

This has always been one of the residents favorite activities! Most residents have never learned basic cooking skills.  You can use other volunteers ‘tried and true’ simple recipes or use your own favorites.  Ideally, each of the 7 cottages (living quarters for 10 to 17 youth) will have a team of 3 volunteers that cook every other week.  That way, as schedule conflicts with our family and work lives arise, there should be at least 2 volunteers each session.  Recruit your friends or we will partner you with other like minded volunteers.  Once you’re a cleared volunteer, it’s a good idea to audit a current cooking session before committing to a team in your own cottage.  Volunteers currently cook from 4-5 PM  and 6:30-7:30 PM on Mondays,  Email with questions or to sign-up.

Here’s what the staff from one cottage recently shared:
So yesterday, the kids came out excited because it was “Cooking with Lauren” Wednesday…..smiles disappeared when I had to remind them it was every other Wednesday.  Clearly, the kids are enjoying the sessions and enjoying the help from you and the other volunteers! …….staff are too!