NEED COOKING LEADS!  We currently have plenty of helpers but need volunteers willing to lead the classes with the youth. Leading includes some shopping (purchases are reimbursed) & prep work.  We can provide you with recipes that have worked well in other cottages (living quarters for 10 to 17 youth).  Or use your own. Currently cooking with about 2/3’s of residents.  If you will be a leader, we can get you assistants.  Thanks for considering & sharing the invitation.

Culinary Cottage – Building Confidence Through Cooking

Most have never learned basic cooking skills.  The model for these classes was created by a volunteer who assists with Puget Consumers Coop’s cooking classes.  Be a lead or assist anther lead cook.  You’ll have an abundance of ‘tried and true’ simple recipes available to you.  Or you are, of course, welcome to do your own favorite recipes.  All needed equipment is be provided.  You can cook with the kids once a month or once a week – what ever works in your schedule.  Volunteers currently cook from 4-5 pm  and 6:30-7:30pm Mondays, and 1-2:30 PM Sundays in the cottages (living quarters for 12 – 17 youth). Email if you’d like to join them once as a visitor to see what they do.

Here’s what the staff from one cottage said:
So yesterday, the kids came out excited because it was “Cooking with Lauren” Wednesday…..smiles disappeared when I had to remind them it was every other Wednesday.  Clearly, the kids are enjoying the sessions and enjoying the help from you and the other volunteers! …….staff are too!