Donate items that will help staff and volunteers to better support the youth

Amazon Wishlist for Residents

Positive Reinforcement Snacks

Teens are motivated by fun snacks! Help echo staff with behavior management that focuses on rewarding what students do well. Candy, chips, top ramen, fruit snacks, granola bars, juice packets, etc. Nothing with peanuts or on sticks please. Choose from our suggestions on the Amazon Wish List or send them your own favorite individually packaged treats.

Cosmetology Tools and Products

Every Wednesday, cosmetology students do their peer’s hair. The state commissary however, does not provide the residents who have textured hair the needed products or tools to keep their hair healthy.  Your donations can help supply these items to the Student Star Store where residents can buy what they need with reinforcement points. This donation is a win-win for Echo. It will encourage positive behavior and it will give those with textured hair the ability to properly care for their hair and feel good about themselves.  Wish List Here

Recreation Department Basketballs, baseball gloves, foam dodge balls, & foam kick balls

Canine You can support both the youth and the dogs from kill shelters that the youth work with. More info HERE

Wishlist for Youth Reentering Their Communities

Backpacks, School Supplies and Hygiene Kits – Consider helping those students who leave echo without access to the basic school & hygiene items needed to successfully transition back into the community.

Email for more information or on how to deliver to Echo Glen