Books Most Requested by Youth

Non Fiction for school library

  • Biographies and Memoirs – especially about people of color, sports figures, people involved in social justice, people overcoming adversity, bios and memoirs specifically for teenage audience. Amazon wish list with suggestions HERE
  • Poetry books – classic and poetry specifically for teenage audience
  • Books about football, soccer, baseball, basketball, popular sports stars
  • Books about jobs in the trades (electrical, plumber, construction. automotive, etc…)
  • Books about careers and jobs in general
  • Self-help books on mindfulness, meditation, overcoming negative behaviors, feel good and healthy self-help in general
  • How to books (or “Dummies” books) on
    • Weight-training
    • Health and Exercise
    • Origami
    • Calligraphy
    • How to Draw books
  • Recently published non-fiction books on pets, wild animals, nature/ecology/natural disasters/climate change, natural history, oceans and sea life, Cars & Motorcycles, etc…
  • Graphic novels both fiction and non-fiction (they have some cool non-fiction educational graphic novels out now)
  • Pearson GED test prep books (2019/2020 edition or newest edition)
  • ASVAB test prep books (2019/2020 edition or newest edition)
  • Spanish/English dictionaries


Recently published teenage and young adult fiction – youth love the popular authors such as James Patterson, Michael Vey, Matt de la Peña, Walter Dean Myers, Charles Higson, Todd Strasser