Books Most Requested by Youth

“The magic of reading is that it lets you try on a new narrative, live more lives than just your own. Stories have the power to inspire our soul. The stories we hear frame our worldview, and the stories we tell ourselves shape our lives. This library will help the kids to access stories that inspire as many possibilities as imaginable, and that affirm they can follow whichever path they choose.” – an Echo Glen Volunteer Librarian

Non Fiction for school library

  • Biographies and Memoirs – especially about people of color, sports figures, people involved in social justice, people overcoming adversity, bios and memoirs specifically for teenage audience.
  • Poetry books – classic and poetry specifically for teenage audience
  • Books about football, soccer, baseball, basketball, popular sports stars
  • Books about jobs in the trades (electrical, plumber, construction. automotive, etc…)
  • Books about careers and jobs in general
  • Self-help books on mindfulness, meditation, overcoming negative behaviors, feel good and healthy self-help in general
  • How to books (or “Dummies” books) on
    • Weight-training
    • Health and Exercise
    • Origami
    • Calligraphy
    • How to Draw books
  • Recently published non-fiction books on pets, wild animals, nature/ecology/natural disasters/climate change, natural history, oceans and sea life, Cars & Motorcycles, etc…
  • Graphic novels both fiction and non-fiction (they have some cool non-fiction educational graphic novels out now)
  • Pearson GED test prep books (2019/2020 edition or newest edition)
  • ASVAB test prep books (2019/2020 edition or newest edition)
  • Spanish/English dictionaries


Recently published teenage and young adult fiction – youth love the popular authors such as James Patterson, Michael Vey, Matt de la Peña, Walter Dean Myers, Charles Higson, Todd Strasser