Give the Gift of Empathy

Help the Youth to Experience Empathy

Perfect for families, small groups or individuals

Deliver locally the gifts and cards that the youth make for others-in-need & take photos of the recipients.   Most of these youth have experienced a lot of adversity which leads them to relate well to others who are struggling.  We give them a chance to experience empathy and practice compassion at our Community Service Socials.  The youth get to learn a bit about the lives of others, and then are able to express their compassion by making a gifts and encouraging cards.  We try to bring this outreach full circle by sharing photos of the smiles that they put on the faces of those who receive their gifts.  More info about Community Service Socials HERE.

Deliver internationally painted t-shirts & cards that the youth make.  Know of a mission trip to a developig country?  We’d love to share a bit about the lives of the kids with the youth at Echo Glen.  Then echo youth will paint t-shirts & make encouraging cards.  We need photos of those who receive the gifts so our youth can see the smiles they put on other’s faces.

T-shirts given to kids in Uganda

    We have partnerships with these organizations, or you are welcome to connect with your favorite non-profits.

    Deliver in:

    • April – Matching party hats for kids & beanie babies to Mary’s, Vine Maple, & Hope Place, or your favorite shelter or center that supports impoverished kids. 
    • July – Polymer necklaces to previously incarcerated parents & their children served by Passage Point, individuals supported by Facing Homelessness, hand them out on the streets of Seattle or where ever you like to encourage a homeless person.
    • October – Survival bracelets for Veterans thru UGM & Bread of Life, and any other place that supports our Veterans of wars
    • December – The residents of local tent city encampments look forward to receiving the youth’s rice-filled microwavable pillows every winter.  The pillows warm their sleeping bags and he encouraging cards warm their hearts.

    More info about the Community Service Socials

    Words from 2 youth after seeing the photos the faces of those that received their gifts:

    “I used to think the world revolved around me.  But after doing the t-shirts and seeing the smile I put on the face of that Bolivian orphan I realized I am happiest when I am helping others.  So me and my cottage have spent this last year making scarves and hats for those orphans.”

    “When I made those scarves (for homeless in Seattle) I felt like I had lots of weight lifted off me just knowing that I’m helping some person out.  Even though my situation is rough I know that the person who is receiving my gift will be better off because of it.  That makes me so relieved. So if there is anything else I can do I would like to.”