Holiday Gift Giving

The holidays are an especially difficult time to be away from family or what is familiar, even if not ideal.  Echo Glen staff tries to model for the youth what a community holiday looks like.  It is often the first for many residents.  Thank you for considering how you can help the youth feel less isolated.  Receiving gifts from the community demonstrates that people do care about them and have confidence in their futures.

This year in addition to stockings for the residents, we’re hoping to give stockings to all the front-line staff who support the youth and have had to work over-time and double-shifts since covid.

CLICK HERE for the resident’s wish list

For shipping address, under “Other addresses” choose ECHO GLEN CHRISTMAS GIFT’s Gift Registry Address.

Majority of these youth have experienced some sort of trauma, many come from families with inter-generational trauma. The residents are now in a place where they are being equipped and supported to rewrite their futures.  Your gifts give them hope that the community cares and has confidence in their futures.  Thank you for your kindness, encouragement, and generosity!

Rachel, volunteer extraordinaire who facilitates the gifts & stockings, shared one conversation she had last year:

James didn’t fill out his wish list, so I asked him directly what he wanted…

James: Nothing (melancholy tone)

Rachel: Well we would like to get at least a few gifts for every youth at Echo Glen. Can you think of anything you need or want?

James: Well, I guess I need some socks.

Rachel: There are a lot of people in the community that would like to get you something more than socks. Is there anything you really want?

James: Really? Anything? (excited voice) I have never been asked what I wanted for Christmas. I’ve never got anything for Christmas!

Rachel: (tears)