Echo Glen has donations of 2 drum sets, 5 acoustic and 2 electric guitars, 2 pianos, a keyboard, and an African drum.  Now all we need is YOU to teach the youth how to play.  Times are flexible between 2:45 and 7:30pm (excludes dinner hours 5:00-6:30).

Here is the vision…

This dedicated club is a special place for the youth at Echo Glen, all about music!

Vision Statement

Beats Lab Zone’s vision is to create, provide and expand positively life-changing experiences through music to all residents. Our goal is provide the opportunity to our residents to grow, cope, heal, and thrive through music. The arts of music can provide an outlet for addressing emotional and/or problem behaviors through opportunities to learn new skills, develop new talents, and express thoughts and ideas in creative and therapeutic ways.

Why music?

Plato once said” Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

Music is important because it serves multiple purposes.  Music touches the mind, the heart, and the senses. Throughout history music has uplifted, engaged, engendered joy and united people of diverse backgrounds. It changes lives. Music can heighten senses; enhance emotions and extract memories.  Music has a way of putting you in a completely different mindset, the mindset of the composer, the mindset of the performer and the mindset of yourself as you feel at that specific moment.

This unique program is a perfect fit for our population at Echo Glen for the simple reason that music plays an important role in the socialization of children and adolescents. Youths use music to support healthy psychological and emotional development. Music provides them with entertainment and distraction from problems and serves as a way to relieve tension and boredom. Some studies have reported that adolescents use popular music to deal with loneliness and to take control of their emotional status or mood. But deeper than listening to music, when youth engage in making, producing or curating music it provides powerful ways to help them shape their social identity.

That is the opportunity that we offer to all youth interested in music.  The Music Clubhouse staff includes facilitators such as (recreational therapist) and volunteers to lead the sessions and youth Leaders to assist in teaching classes, providing coaching and mentoring for their peers in the clubhouse. What a great way to build skills and have an impact in their community!

What we do

When you walk into a music clubhouse at Echo Glen you will feel the vibe – guitars on the walls, drum sets on a small stage ready to rock, keyboards, computers, and a professional style recording studio.  On any given afternoon you will see a small group in the studio laying down tracks, a group lesson – maybe guitar or keyboard, some kids practicing – LOTS of activity….learning, sharing, and most important, having fun!

The Music Clubhouse will provide instruments and music lessons. “Research consistently shows that learning an instrument and playing music is very important in the development of the mind, and can significantly improve a child’s learning, memory, and social abilities. Those who take up instruments perform better in school, are less likely to get involved in harmful activities, learn a skill that benefits both them and others around them, and have fun in the process”

Classes and ensembles

The Clubhouse will work together on projects like writing inspirational lyrics, making beats, participating in a school band or choir and good music and melodies – where all residents build understanding and friendships – through music – proving the power of music as the universal language.

Musical instrument lessons

Musical instruments lessons will provide our residents with the opportunity to learn different musical instruments including guitar, piano, drum set, trumpet and more…. Our staff will include the recreation therapist, volunteers with experience in music and peers leaders. They will lead private lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced residents. Playing musical instruments has many benefits and can bring joy to everyone. These benefits include refining time management and organizational skills, sharpen concentration, foster self-expression and reduce stress, boost team skills, teach perseverance, enhance coordination, create a sense of accomplishment, and improve comprehension skills.


Choir will provide our residents with the opportunity to learn a variety of repertoires gain a better understanding of the music theory and develop their talents. Residents will develop social skills and learn what is like to sing with peers or sing solo. They will participate in a weekly rehearsal in which they will learn how to improve their singing voice, understand the fundamental notions of music theory: music notation, rules of harmony, ear training, and etc. participating in the choir will teach our residents how to be professionals, teamwork skills, accountability, perseverance, organization, time management and improve cognitive skills; these skills will play an important on their success and treatment goals.

Recording program

This program offers our residents the opportunity to record songs from inside the facility. As part of this program our residents practice writing, recording, editing and mastering their own unique music and audio projects. Volunteers experience in recording music will visit three times a week to record songs created by residents. Through this program our residents are given the opportunity to express themselves and have their voices heard in a constructive and socially acceptable manner. When youth engage in making, producing or curating music it provides powerful ways to help them shape their social identity. When a teen creates a rap, produces a beat or writes a song it allows them to take their own ideas and shape it into something that helps represent their feelings, thoughts or beliefs.   It provides them the opportunity to reflect on their place in the world and to act on their interests, talents and abilities. The dream is for every young person to experience the power of music, through high quality a music program to influence their healthy development.

Concerts/ performances

The concerts and performances will feature all-star musicians selected from the music clubhouse to perform in front of the audience. The audience might include residents, families, staff members and visitors from the local community. All-stars musicians will have the opportunity to show their talents solo and ensemble. The annual talent Show will also provide an opportunity for the “all stars” from the clubhouse to perform in front of their peers and family!

What’s next?

Our plan is to collaborate with local high schools, colleges, universities and corporations in the community to provide valuable staffing to the clubhouse. These staffs will be teaching classes and become mentors and role models to our residents.

It is our belief that music brings people together—it is difficult to find where this is not the case. Despite our differences, music is an awesome force of good within each and every community. Let’s all work to fill the world with music!