Photography & Video Making Program

Lights, camera, action!

This program is intended to empower our residents through photography and videography. It gives our residents an opportunity to produce their own photos and short videos and teach them how to develop negatives into positives.

Our Goal is for residents to experience working on issue-related projects, take photos and videos of events on campus such as sporting events (basketball, softball, golf…), talent show, and other programs like horticulture and the K-9 to develop valuable skills of how to best work with their clients, grow their talents exponentially, and create compelling imagery that in its own unique way, enhances society at large.

Offer our residents classes to develop both Digital Photography and traditional Black and White Darkroom Photography.

Many choose to make music videos, film games and other events on campus and share them during the annual talent show for example.  These skills will serve them well in whatever field they choose for the future.