At Veteran Rites, we provide the opportunity for our veterans to give meaning to their suffering so they can lay down the story that no longer serves and step into the new story that has always been waiting. Like magicians, we transform pain into progress, tears into tools, prayers into purpose. It is an epic tale of the heroine’s and hero’s journey. It is a long, challenging trial with many dark nights of the soul, and every one of them is the greatest story ever told.


We know…

There is a light in you that can never go out whatever the circumstance

There is a story of resilience in you that we all need to learn from

There is power in you bigger than you could ever imagine

There is a tenderness in you that needs to be felt

There is wisdom in your story that the world is waiting to hear

There is an artist, a comedian, an entrepreneur, a teacher, coach, and change-maker

There is a mother, father, aunt, uncle, and leader that will nurture tomorrow’s youth

There is an adventurer, scientist, athlete, poet, and dancer ready to take life’s stage

There is a wounded healer that accepts their humanity and gets better day by day

There is a gritty, humble warrior who battles for peace with fierce softness

There is forgiveness and redemption in you that is deep medicine for all

There is a hope in you through our witness to your unfolding story

We honor your whole story in truth

We know who you are in truth

You do not need to be fixed

You are whole just as you are

Just keep polishing what doesn’t rise to all that shines in you

One foot in front of the other, day by day, you will march on

And we will be waiting

Quitting is not an option

It is not our way, and it is not your way

Just love as much as you can from wherever you are

We need you

We see you

We love you

To the staff and social service angels at Echo Glen, we SEE YOU too. We deeply honor all your sacrifice to bring healing, support, and inspiration to youth. You remind us of the society we signed up to protect.

Thank You all for YOUR SERVICE,