Need Your Energy & Ideas!

Please Consider Helping to Facilitate a Social!

Socials allow youth to practice empathy by learning about a group-in-need and then allowing them to make something to encourage that group.  Socials also surround the youth with caring adults who are a boost their self-esteem.  We would love to have a social every month however, extra hands are needed to be able to do this.

Organizing a social includes helping to purchase all needed materials (budget and finances provided), coordinating with youth groups in the community to complete any necessary prep work, and counting and recounting materials into 7 suitcases – 1 for each participating cottage of youth.  After the social, getting the gifts and cards to the recipients, making copies of follow-up photos and poster boards that hang in each cottage.

You will be a huge help if you take over a current social project or you can organize a new project.  Cookie -baking is one new social idea that needs someone to help organize.  We would also love your ideas for what the teens could make that someone else will appreciate -whether you facilitate or not.

Here is what we are currently creating:

  • Microwavable pillows (using sewing machines) for tent city residents
  • Polymer clay necklaces for those in the Dream Center recovery program
  • Hygiene kits for unsheltered (hand-sewn with plastic needles & yarn)
  • Decorated travel mugs for echo staff appreciation day
  • Painted t-shirts for youth in various countries
  • Sock puppets for impoverished kids in Mexico
  • Survival bracelets for veterans

Gifts could be to encourage senior citizens, kids in transitional housing or any other group that has captured your heart.


  • About $6 maximum cost/youth
  • Using nothing that is contraband (rubbing alcohol, wire, anything sharp…)
  • Not overwhelming to the volunteers – we marbleized cards with shaving cream & paint one year. The mess wasn’t a hit with the volunteers.

Please EMAIL to further chat about organizing a current or new project for a social.

image of projects currently done