Staff Wellness

Echo is extremely short staffed and anticipates losing 10-12% more once the vaccination mandate goes into effect on Oct 18th. Staff pay is less than many other government agencies and lower than nearly all for-profit businesses.  They can’t compete with jobs that can accommodate working remotely.  Supporting kids who have had so much trauma in their lives is rewarding but is also very emotionally draining. Staff is weary!  Clearly they stay because they genuinely care for the youth and want to make a difference.  Let’s rally as a community and demonstrate to them that we think they are heroes and we know that what they do REALLY matters. They are transforming the lives of the current residents, their future families, communities and beyond!

Staff Appreciation Event – Week of November 15th

Tell the staff that they are appreciated:

  • CARDS – Community groups & individuals make encouraging cards telling them how much you value what they do.  READ MORE.
  • NECK PILLOWS Sew microwavable pillows to help staff relax. These will go with their appreciation gift bags and be used during the Spa Event. READ MORE.
  • APPRECIATION GIFT BAGS – Please consider adopting a staff member or two and purchasing items from this Amazon Wish List (need an amazon account to view)
    • Have the items either sent directly to Friends of Echo Glen under ‘Other addresses’ at ‘Checkout’
    • Or have them sent to you and join us at a bag stuffing event in Sammamish or Snoqualmie – locations & times TBD. Encouraging cards & pillows can be dropped off at these times/locations also.  EMAIL to get the updated times and locations.
  • We’d also like to provide LUNCH or SNACK BOXESAny recommendations? Have a contact with a socially conscious company like Mod Pizza?
  • STAFF SPA SANCTUARY – Under the supervision of Jen, from Evergreen Beauty College, staff will be pampered in a quiet area on campus. Please consider purchasing some of the needed items: Amazon Wish List


Molly, a counselor and volunteer extraordinaire, will head this up but needs others to join the team. Brainstorming & networking meetings can all be done remotely.

Eventually we would like to provide:

  • Bringing in speakers

    • To address the issues of secondary traumatic stress, compassion fatigue, and burnout
    • Financial literacy
    • Strengthening marriage
    • Parenting skills
  • Helping orchestrate staff appreciation events
  • Initiating energy boosting and healthy physical activities such as a campus 5k or a walking/running group
  • Inviting staff to existing events in the community
  • Launching campus health/wellness initiatives

A team of volunteers that each had an area of expertise would be ideal.

Here are some articles that talk about what this team would do on campus. The qualifications that are listed in the articles are not necessary but would be a plus.

What is a Wellness Coordinator?

Seven Benchmarks of a Wellness Program

EMAIL if you’re interested or would like more info.