Encourage With Birthday Cards

Encourage youth on their birthday with an uplifting card. These are a huge boost to the youth’s self-esteem when they learn that people in the community know about them and care enough to send a card. Make it a group or family activity and give the birthday child multiple hand made cards! We’ve witnessed kids fighting back tears when volunteers have invited the neighbor kids over and deliver 10+ birthday cards to them!

You will get an email each month with the first names of all the kids having birthdays the following month. Make a card for 1 or all – usually 4 to 7 birthdays each month. Echo would like the cards about a week before the youth’s birthday so they can ‘quarantine’ them.

Each month’s cards can be mailed together or dropped off  in one envelop to the gate to:

Echo Glen Children’s Center
Attn: Rene Banks
33010 SE 99th St
Snoqualmie, WA 98065

EMAIL to get on the monthly list.

A few more details about sending cards:

Leave individual card envelops unsealed. Staff is required to check each card.


  •  Encouraging & inspirational poems, quotes, sayings or scriptures.
  • Your first name & any group you are with

Do not include:

  • Metal or sharp embellishments like mini clothes pins, brads or anything a youth could use to cut a wrist or hurt themselves with
  • Any contact info
  • Anything remotely judgmental. (Best to even skip mentioning their incarceration & stick to positive words.) Most youth have very low self-esteem already.