Wish List During the Pandemic

Help the staff to keep the youth mentally & physically active.

During this time when volunteers are not able to bring the usual variety of activities & attention, staff would truly appreciate our help to keep the youth positively engaged.  Donations can be dropped off between 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM Mon-Fri.  There is someone at the gate during these times doing wellness checks on arriving staff.  Thank you for your amazing generosity!

Links provided are for example – does not need to be exact item

NEW Horticulture Program (here’s a great article that shares the benefits of gardening for inmates)

Social Justice Library

Purchase a book from this Wish List.  Also, on the wish list are materials to protect the wonderful books you donate which will allow them to be appreciated for many many years.



Baking supplies, such as cake mixes, cookie, muffin, bread mixes, canned frosting, confectionary sugar, cocoa, decorating bags & decorating tips (4)

DREAM-BIG ITEMS –  Purchase or build with your group

HERE IS THE FULL Amazon Wish List