Wish List During the Pandemic

Help the staff to keep the youth mentally and physically active.

During this time when volunteers are not able to bring the usual variety of activities and attention, staff would truly appreciate our help to keep the youth positively engaged.  Email echoglenkids@gmail.com to schedule a convenient time to drop off donations.  Thank you for your amazing generosity!

Click on teal colored words to go to on-line stores with items

Items to engage youth & help reduce anxiety:

  • Weighted blankets (twin size or lap size, 10, 15 or 20 pounds)
  • Squishy stress/fidget items
  • White noise machines
  • Play doh, new board games for young adults
  • Line-a-day journals, creative writing journals with prompts (not wire bound)
  • DBT and mindfulness card packs
  • Logic games (educational but fun games),
  • Card games (like uno, skip-bo, and phase 10),
  • Yardage of Fleece material for no-sew blankets
  • Poster board for youth to place family photos on and make a collage (100)
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Stickers
  • Large Sport Duffel Bags for belonging as youth leave Echo Glen. (Promotes dignity over the plastic garbage bags.)



OUTDOOR CLASS & MEETING ROOM Canopy Tent to allow students, volunteers & staff to gather for classes outside during the pandemic.

VOCATIONAL TRAINING  – NEW Horticulture Program (here’s a great article that shares the benefits of gardening for inmates)

  • Green HousesWill give hands-on-skills to students so they can acquire related jobs upon release. Will also benefit all youth on campus to experience physical & mental benefits of gardening.

Also needed:

HERE IS THE FULL Amazon Wish List


  • Social Justice Library – Wish List includes materials to protect the books which will allow them to be appreciated for many many years.
  • Other Books in Demand

Items can be dropped off to the gate or shipped directly to:

Echo Glen Children’s Center
Attn: Kim Long
33010 SE 99th St
Snoqualmie, WA 98065